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          《Civil Aviation Management》  

        A Brief Introduction of Civil Aviation Management

         Civil Aviation Management is the only comprehensive periodical in China’s civil aviation industry on economy and management at the provincial level. As the monthly periodical for China Civil Aviation Association, it is under the administration of CAAC and is distributed both in China and abroad.
         Since the first issue of Civil Aviation Management in 1986, it has dedicated itself to providing services for enterprises in China’s civil aviation industry. At present, Civil Aviation Management is the major media with the most readers and largest circulation in the industry.
         Civil Aviation Management covers 100% of governmental organizations in CAAC; 100% airlines and their branches and holding companies; 95% of domestic airports (including some military airports); 95% of organizations of air traffic control; 90% of companies, branch companies and airport oil stations in the aviation oil system; 100% of aviation supplies system; 100% of aircraft maintenance enterprises; 65% of passenger and cargo agencies; 45% of relevant central and local governmental departments; 20% of China’s Air Force; 35% of aviation enterprises in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan; 70% of offices of international aviation enterprises in China; and 95% of academies and institutes of CAAC.

        Civil Aviation Management’s Reader Distribution:
        —— Reader distribution (readers classified by official levels) in the civil aviation industry:100% of high-ranking policy-making leaders (at ministerial level and above) of governmental bodies and enterprises; 90% of departmental managers of governmental bodies and enterprises; 80% of professional and technical personnel of governmental organizations and enterprises;50% of administrative personnel of governmental bodies and enterprises.
        —— Reader distribution (readers classified by official titles) in the civil aviation industry:20% of leaders of high-ranking policy-making levels;50% of leaders of mid-ranking management levels;15% of professional and technical personnel; 10% of administrative personnel; 5% of other personnel.
        —— Reader distribution (readers classified by job units):15% of personnel of governmental bodies; 75% of personnel of enterprises; 8% of personnel of colleges and institutes; 2% of personnel of other units.


        A Brief Introduction of “Air Transport Business”

        Air Transport Business is a frontline periodical on air transport in China’s civil aviation industry. It is a comprehensive and informative publication integrating air cargo transport, storage, logistics, foreign trade, and the Customs. Administered by CAAC, the periodical is edited by Civil Aviation Management Editorial Department. It contains 48 pages and is issued on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month.
        The aim of Air Transport Business is to provide information for passenger and cargo agencies; airports; marketing departments of airlines and enterprises; and their cargo companies, cargo stations and agents; domestic and international cargo airlines; logistics enterprises; tourism companies; enterprises of other modes of transportation; aviation businesses in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; and offices of international aviation corporations in China.
        Air Transport Business readers cover decision-making leaders in enterprises; management and marketing personnel.

        Does your company want to enter this civil aviation market?
        Does you company want to raise your reputation in this industry?

        A widely recognized media for advertisements
            ——2003 China Civil Aviation Telephone Directory

        Your Concern
        I want my products to enter the civil aviation market!The telephone directory covers the following sectors: CAAC organizations and its enterprises; all CAAC regional and local administrations (including airports and airport stations); air traffic management system; all airline groups; local airlines; international airports; local airports; aviation oil system; aviation supplies system; Civil Aviation Information Group; aircraft maintenance companies; general aviation companies; Civil Aviation Real Estate Co.; Civil Aviation Express Co.; Civil Aviation airport Construction Co.; civil aviation academies and institutes; China Air Force; passenger and cargo forwarding agencies; aviation enterprises in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.
        The aim of my advertisements is to impress the decision-making people!
        Nearly every person in the senior management in the civil aviation industry will have a copy of the 2003 China Civil Aviation Telephone Directory. These people include: top leaders of CAAC and CAAC administrations; general managers of all airlines; leaders of all air traffic management centers; senior executives of aviation oil; aviation supplies; information companies; aircraft maintenance companies; Civil Aviation Express; Airport Construction Corporations; and management personnel at all departmental levels.


        Contact Us:

        Send all insertion orders, materials and correspondence to: Mr. Chu Cheng Ping/Liu Ruilin, No.3 Huajiadi East Road, Chaoyang District , 100102, Beijing, P.R. China.
        Tel: 8610-64720474/64722003

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